Persistent problem solver applying both analytical and technical skills to the entire software development lifecycle. An effective architect and development team lead that delivers applications from the ground up, while establishing realistic product roadmap strategies to meet business needs using Agile development. Track record of effective software and systems engineering in high availability distributed and microservices architectures, as well as client-server models and multi-tenant software-as-a-service projects.

Employment History

Co-Founder / Software Development Manager

May 2015 - Present
Clinical Softworks: Marietta, Georgia

Clinical Softworks provides an intuitive mobile care-team to care-team communication and referral solution. Included in this solution is a campaign manager allowing for medical specialty specific information be sent to the physician.

  • Managed offshore group of 18 full-time and part-time UX/UI designers, software engineers, system engineers, and quality assurance testers
  • Utilized agile development methodologies utilizing Jira, Confluence, and BitBucket
  • As Lead architect for the product, designed solutions for complex mission critical features required by industry
  • Created clinical trial parser to normalize data from the National Institute of Health, World Health Organization, and other national registries to make identification of available trials simpler
  • Led scaling, deployment, hospital implementation, and operations strategies with the operations team and field specialists to ensure successful onboarding and seamless physician experience
  • Oversaw designs for all platforms using a combination of Confluence and Invision
  • Analyzed sprint metrics and managed team throughput to optimize developer utilization
  • Analyzed end of sprint metrics, identified success and failures, and put in place adjustments to eliminate future recurrence
  • As Cloud Architect, was responsible for architecting, designing, implementing and supporting a scalable and cost effective cloud based infrastructure for the company by leveraging AWS, GCP, and Azure
  • Enabled CI/CD pipelines for Test, QA, Stress and Production environments using Jenkins and Codemagic
  • Reviewed time-utilization reports to ensure workload, proper staffing, and mitigate developer burn out rate
  • Created monitors, notifications and alarms for AWS resources using Cloud Watch enabling accurate provisioning of resources and reducing cost

Co-Founder / Lead Software Architect

November 2010 - March 2016
ValveTraq: Marietta, Georgia

ValveTraq provides a turn-key hosted patient tracking and clinical analytics tool for structural heart and valve centers nationwide.

  • Led multiple teams of developers and engineers to build a large scale web application to collect over 700 data points providing anonymized aggregate data to medical device manufacturers
  • Implemented a custom waterfall/agile hybrid model for development due to rapid changes in requirements as the medical procedure guidelines where being changed by the FDA rapidly
  • Developed product roadmaps and feature sets by working with early-adopting physicians and valve clinics nationally
  • Performed code managements tasks like branching, tagging, and release activities with version control tools
  • Created custom automated deployment pipelines using scripts to pull, build, deploy to specific AWS VPCs in Dev/UAT/Prod for rolling updates
  • Directed the shift from a premise-based solution to AWS to eliminate onsite deployments and premise server cost
  • Created a scaled distributed in-memory cache environment in the cloud using ElasticCache
  • Implemented an automatic failover and high availability database network using Amazon Aurora and MySQL RDS instances to meet insurance requirements for cloud based healthcare software
  • Created Amazon Cloud Formation scripts for easy environment launch which greatly reduced the time needed to build redundant and regional environments
  • Designed content delivery network using CloudFront which ensure high availability and performance based on geographic location
  • Developed templated documentation system allowing for communications to be sent to the referring physicians using a combination of Amazon SES, Twilio, and Nexmo
  • Developed valve deployment guidelines used in the operating room for anatomical measurements

Senior Software Engineer

April 2006 - Present
United States Advanced Networks: Norcross, Georgia

USAN provides large scale hosted contact center solutions for Fortune 100 companies, including Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Dialer, Analytics and BI as well as custom solutions.

Engage Omni Channel Customer Engagement
  • Built a large scale Omni Channel Web App using C#/.NET and JavaScript/NodeJS Docker Containers utilizing .NET Core, Sencha ExtJS, GoJS, Bootstrap, NodeJS, JQuery, and VueJS
  • Interacted with a team of 12 engineers, and product managers, technical writers, and quality assurance testers on the project.
  • Created customer engagement demos for key stakeholders and customers showcasing product offerings
  • Consistently met market needs by creating and updating application features
  • Implemented Docker containers for a C#/.Net Core based Omni channel platform including YAML definition files for composing Docker images, which simplified the testing and deployment of the platform
  • Created application components using a test-driven development approach to greatly reduce the introduction of bugs with new or updated code
  • Created automated testing as part of the Build and CI/CD Pipelines which reduced code defects
  • Created Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines for large scale software build, regression test and deployment for a team of 12 developers
  • Reverse engineered existing UI templating frameworks like Handlebars and Knockout to understand UI rendering life cycles which helped in development and maintenance of a custom rendering library for non-technical end users to create forms
  • Developed and maintained SQL Server and MySQL database upgrade and migration scripts for automated software upgrades
  • Converted legacy Handlebar and Knockout pages to VueJS to normalize technologies across product offerings, reducing time spend on code maintenance and updates
  • Created C# data sanitation module allowing platform administrators to whitelist or blacklist html tags reducing the platforms Cross Site Scripting attack footprint
  • Consistently met sprint goals with team members by following agile development methodologies
AWS Experience and Development
  • Designed and implemented multi-container web applications through Docker and AWS ECS with automated deployment pipelines
  • Created and designed an integrated C# AWS PinPoint service designed for high-volume two-way SMS and email communication
  • Centralized management of custom alarms and notification from AWS resources with custom CloudWatch thresholds
  • Configured S3 buckets with various life cycle policies to archive the infrequently accessed data to storage classes to reduce overall storage costs
IVR Applications
  • Created over 50 IVR applications including customized client, host, and database interfaces and business logic
  • Created robust pixel-perfect form filling fax solution using Hylafax and Asterisk IAX-Modem which allowed automated personalized forms delivery
  • Designed and implemented automated load testing scripts to improve VXML grammar files resulting in above 90% success rate in natural language voice recognition
  • Performed data analysis and tuned IVR applications to improve success rate and containment by >20%
Custom Tools and Back Office Solutions
  • Created and implemented source control normalization application for web and desktop resulting in consistent check-ins, while creating uniform manifests to be deployed
  • Created C# system utility plugin used by third level support allowing them to effortlessly identify a binary's build information for troubleshooting production issues
  • Created C# imaging tool allowing developers to use x-y coordinate planes to position text on documents for automated personalized form delivery
Custom UI Solutions
  • Created, designed, and implemented a UI dashboard for real-time management and monitoring of large-scale multi-tenant dialer platform allowing network operations to identify issues efficiently and accurately
  • Created and designed graphical editor for boolean logic queries allowing the simplification of business logic for selecting records in large data-set

Skill Sets

Frameworks & Languages: C, C++, C#, .NET, .NET Core, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, PHP, Perl, Java, Python, Javascript, SQL, Objective-C, Swift, Flutter, Dart, Swift, Sencha ExtJS, VueJS, NodeJS, HTML5, CSS3, Twilio

IDEs: Visual Studio, IntelliJ, WebStorm, PhpStorm, DataGrip

Tools: Atlassian Software (Jira, Confluence, BitBucket), Invision, TFS, Slack, GitHub, Tower

Cloud Computing:
  • AWS (S3, EC2, EBS, ELB, AutoScalingGroups, Lambda, CloudTrail, CloudFormation, CloudWatch, CloudFront, IAM, SNS, RDS, Route 53, Elastic BeanStalk, ECS, SES, ElasticCached)
  • GCP (Compute, Cloud Storage, Cloud Functions, Apigee healthcare APIx, Cloud Life Sciences, Firebase)
  • Azure (DevOps, Active Directory, Azure Bots)
  • VMWare (ESXi, vCenter, vMotion)